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Alabama DUI & Criminal Defense Law – Courts

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I practice Alabama criminal and DUI defense in the following counties and municipalities:  In the Birmingham, Alabama Metro area the lawyers and attorneys of Eversole Law routinely defend Alabama criminal and DUI cases in the following courts: Jefferson County Circuit Court, Jefferson County District Court, Adamsville Municipal Court, Argo Municipal Court, Birmingham Municipal Court, Bessemer… Continue Reading

Alabama Post-Conviction DNA Testing In Death Penalty Cases

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As a Birmingham, Alabama DUI and Criminal Defense lawyer and attorney, I strongly condemn the death penalty.   Alabama is set to execute Thomas Arthur on September 26, 2007.  Although the death penalty is horrific and should not be endorsed by an advanced intellectual society, it is worse in the backward state of Alabama.  Mr. Arthur contends… Continue Reading

Alabama Death Penalty

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The Alabama Death Penalty should be abolished.  With all the overwhelming statistics out there of the unfairness of the process, DNA samples exonerating defendants who have been in jail for years, innocent men having been executed, the simple fact that African Americans are much more likely to be sentenced to death, etc. etc. I did… Continue Reading