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Alabama v. Hendrix – Dismissal of Vehicular Manslaughter Charges Affirmed

Posted in Alabama DUI, Alabama Manslaughter Law
The Alabama Court of Appeals recently affirmed the dismissal of a second criminal indictment against a defendant for charges related to a fatal car accident allegedly caused by defendant, who is accused of being drunk, speeding and veering into oncoming traffic. The state had appealed trial court’s order as an abuse of discretion in Alabama… Continue Reading

Are Violent Criminal Acts Genetic?

Posted in Alabama Manslaughter Law, Alabama Murder Laws, Alabama Violent Crimes, Assault Charges
Violent crimes may range from a bar fight or domestic abuse case to a school shooting or other public attack. Legislators, health care workers, psychologists and other professionals are often researching violent criminal acts to determine the cause and source. What makes a violent offender? How can we prevent future violent attacks and assaults? According… Continue Reading

Felony Charges Filed After Hit-and-Run and Interstate Manhunt

Posted in Alabama Manslaughter Law, Speeding/Traffic Tickets
Any accident involving personal injury or reckless driving, especially a hit-and-run, can result in serious criminal charges and penalties. In addition to the underlying charges related to the accident, defendants are likely to face additional charges penalties for fleeing the scene of an accident. After a multi-state investigation and ongoing manhunt, an Alabama man is… Continue Reading

Birmingham Criminal News: Defense in Homicide Case Claims Fatal Shooting Death of Policeman was Alcohol-related

Posted in Alabama Death Penalty, Alabama Manslaughter Law, Alabama Violent Crimes
As an Birmingham criminal defense attorney, I have the experience to aggressively defend individuals accused of various crimes ranging from petty theft to grand larceny and domestic violence to murder in the first degree. The innocence of defendants in a criminal trial is assumed until a conviction by a jury of their peers. No matter… Continue Reading

Alabama DUI & Criminal Defense Law – Courts

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I practice Alabama criminal and DUI defense in the following counties and municipalities:  In the Birmingham, Alabama Metro area the lawyers and attorneys of Eversole Law routinely defend Alabama criminal and DUI cases in the following courts: Jefferson County Circuit Court, Jefferson County District Court, Adamsville Municipal Court, Argo Municipal Court, Birmingham Municipal Court, Bessemer… Continue Reading

Alabama Violent Crimes – Manslaughter

Posted in Alabama Manslaughter Law, Alabama Violent Crimes
The traditional example of what constitutes Alabama Manslaughter is an intentionally killing committed during the "heat of passion."  A killing that would normally be Murder is reduced to Manslaughter because of a legal provocation.  For instance, catching your spouse in bed with another person is legal provocation to kill your cheating spouse and his/her lover, if… Continue Reading