Machete Fight Leads to Arrest in Alabama

According to a recent news report from WSFA, two men were involved in what is being called a machete fight. Morgan County sheriff’s deputies say they found defendant and another man “facing off” against each other. Both men were allegedly armed with machetes or “machete-like” edged weapons.

bushwhacker-1412012The two men were allegedly using the weapons in a fight while in the middle of East Pike Road in Falkville at the time deputies arrived. A spokesperson for the sheriff said they believe the situation would have resulted in serious injury or death had they not arrived on the scene. Continue Reading

Confederate Flag Incident Results in Alabama Arrest

Following the tragic, fatal shootings in South Carolina at the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church, there has been a lot of talk on the news about Confederate flags and whether or not they should be displayed at public buildings. While many feel they are symbols of racism that have no place in modern society, there are those who see the Confederate flag a symbol of heritage and pride in the South, and they feel people should be free to display the flags as they see fit.

According to a recent news article from, one confrontation involving in the Confederate flag resulted in an arrest in Clanton. Police arrested a 20-year-old suspect on disorderly conduct charges. It is alleged he was driving a vehicle with three other white male occupants who were traveling through a mostly African-American neighborhood while prominently displaying the Confederate flag and yelling racial slurs at the people in the neighborhood.   Continue Reading

University of Alabama Student Arrested with Thousands of Pills

According to a recent news article from The Daily Caller, a student at the University of Alabama was recently arrested for allegedly possessing around 10,000 Xanax pills, and over 140 grams of marijuana.

prescription.jpgAuthorities say they arrested the suspect in Tuscaloosa, while he was allegedly in possession of what they are describing as massive amounts of prescription narcotics.   As a sergeant on the West Alabama Narcotics Taskforce said, it took more than month of investigation before they had the name and address for the suspect and enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant and arrest warrant. Continue Reading

Alabama Deputy Sheriff Injured in DUI Chase

According to a recent news article from My Fox Alabama, a sheriff’s deputy from Williamson County, Alabama was hospitalized following a late night chase of a drunk driving suspect that ended in a car accident.

Authorities say the trouble began in Spring Hill when they notice a speeding car. The driver of the vehicle allegedly was traveling at speeds over 100 mph. Spring Hill police chose not to pursue suspect at this high rate of speed. This is not unusual, because many police departments have polices against high-speed chases. The reason for this is because many law enforcement experts believe that high-speed car chases are too likely to result in serious injury to innocent bystanders, and it is easier and safer to radio ahead to another law enforcement agency to set up a road block.   Continue Reading

One District Attorney in Alabama Discusses Problems with Sentencing Guidelines

In Blount County Alabama, authorities have recently arrested four people on capital murder charges. According to a recent news report from WVTM 13, Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey is of the opinion that Alabama’s mandatory sentencing guidelines are at least partially responsible for these deaths.

During a press conference following the fourth murder arrest, Casey said the state sentencing guidelines are putting drug dealers back on the streets instead of sending them to an Alabama state prison, where she feels they belong. She blamed the county having so many problems with drugs on the alleged fact that she “can’t put anybody in prison, because they don’t qualify under these worksheets.” She went on to say she is sick of what is happening in her county and called on the state legislature to fix the problem before things get worse. With respect to these four recent killings, she said they were all in some way related to drugs. Continue Reading

Alleged Burglar Arrested in Hoover – Found Hiding in Basement

Hoover Police recently arrested an alleged burglar whom they found hiding in a basement, according to a news feature from My Fox Alabama. Police say they were told by a security company that one of their customer’s homes had a burglar alarm tripped, so they dispatched officers to investigate the potential burglary.

When they arrived the home in question around 10:30 in the morning, they proceeded to enter the residence. They conducted a full sweep of the residence and found suspect allegedly hiding in the basement of the home. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and taken into custody without any trouble.

Police further stated the home’s alarm system panel and speaker were damaged when they arrived, and they found parts of the system on defendant’s person. They also allegedly found jewelry belonging to the homeowners on defendant’s person. They also reported drawers in the bedroom of the home appeared to have been opened and searched by defendant. Continue Reading

Alabama State Senator Arrested for Alleged DUI

While most DUI arrests do not make the news unless someone is killed or seriously injured, cases involving the arrest of a celebrity or politician always seem to be in the headlines. According to a recent news report from, the Alabaster police have just arrested Alabama State Senator Cam Ward in connection with alleged drunk driving.

Police say they received a report about a suspicious vehicle traveling Highway 119. Officers responded to the report and caught up with suspect a few minutes after they were dispatched. When the officer pulled over suspect, he was identified as Ward. At this point, arresting officer said he spoke with Ward and noticed signs of intoxication. Arresting officer than asked Ward to perform a series of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs), and the officer determined Ward failed all three tests. After determining Ward had failed the SFSTs, arresting officer placed him under arrest and took him to the police station on suspicion of DUI. Continue Reading

Report: Xanax is No. 2 Cause of Alabama DUI

When most people think of driving under the influence (DUI), they normally think of driving under the influence of intoxicating alcohol. However, in the state of Alabama, people are commonly arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. This can be prescription drugs, regardless of whether suspects have a valid prescription or not, or it can be an illegal drug such as marijuana, cocaine, or heroin.

tablet-931317-mWhile alcohol is obviously the most common cause of DUI arrests, until recently, marijuana was the second most common substance on which people were accused of driving. However, according to a recent news feature from Alabama Live, Xanax (generically called Alprazolam) has now passed marijuana and become the second leading cause of DUI arrests in the state of Alabama. Continue Reading

Shelby County Man Arrested for DUI, Drug Possession Following Chase

According to a recent news article for Alabama Live, a man was arrested in Shelby County for DUI and possession of a controlled substance following a police chase. Authorities say sheriff’s deputies allegedly saw defendant swerving across marked lanes of traffic and attempted to pull him over for a moving violation.

At this point, defendant allegedly failed to stop for the deputies and led them on a “relatively low speed” chase on State Highway 119 through Motevallo, Alabama and eventually into the downtown area, where additional officers arrived to assist with the pursuit of the suspect. After about 30 minutes of allegedly fleeing from officers, albeit at a slow speed, defendant is said to have stopped his car in the downtown area and was apprehended by law enforcement.   Continue Reading

Rapper Rick Ross Charged with Assault, Kidnapping

Rapper Rick Ross in no stranger to the criminal justice system. In fact, he actually worked as a corrections officer in Florida for 18 months. (He initially vehemently denied his employment record when it became public, but eventually did admit it.)

Now, according to a recent article from Alabama’s News Leader, Ross is on the other side of the system. He was just arrested on kidnapping and assault charges. Authorities say Ross forced a man into the guesthouse at his mansion located in an Atlanta suburb. After he had the man in the guesthouse, he allegedly beat the man in the head with a pistol, resulting in chipped teeth and a severely damaged jaw. Authorities say the victim is unable to chew food as of this time. Continue Reading