Criminal Defense Lawyer Birmingham Discusses Disorderly Conduct

Criminal Defense Lawyer Birmingham Discusses Disorderly ConductOne of the most common offenses in the state of Alabama is disorderly conduct. In Alabama, when someone has behavior that is offensive, disruptive, harmful, or disruptive to people’s enjoyment of a public space, they can be arrested for disorderly conduct.

While disorderly conduct may not be considered to be a serious crime, there are still penalties to pay if you’re arrested for disorderly conduct.

Many instances of disorderly conduct involve the use of alcohol or drugs, but the use of alcohol or drugs does not determine whether or not someone will be arrested for disorderly conduct.

Typical disorderly conduct behavior is fighting. What usually happens is that people who have a disagreement or have been drinking too much begin arguing, tempers begin to flare and fighting breaks out. This type of behavior can put people at risk of being injured, so it is taken seriously by law enforcement.

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Newborn in Saraland Tests Positive for Cocaine – Mother Arrested

Whenever a baby is born in the state of Alabama, hospital staff working in the newborn nursery will perform a variety of tests that involve several blood draws. Many of these tests are for standard medical reasons, but the hospital staff will also routinely test for the presence of controlled substances in the infant’s blood.

According to a recent news article from, a mother in Mobile County was arrested after her newborn infant tested positive for cocaine. When the child tested positive, police and child protective services were immediately called to the hospital. Police arrested the child’s mother on charges of child endangerment and use or possession of drug paraphernalia. Continue Reading

Birmingham Teenager Arrested on Three Separate Robberies

Police in Birmingham released a statement saying they have just arrested a teenager who they allege is responsible for committing at least three robberies this summer, according to a news article from
The 16-year-old defendant was wanted on three arrest warrants related to robberies allegedly committed earlier this summer in Birmingham. Two of the alleged robberies occurred at the same Chevron gas station, with the first offense occurring on June 9, and the second occurring around a month later on July 8. Police are also alleging this same teenage defendant robbed a dollar store on Jefferson Avenue in Birmingham on August 1.

Police state they suspect defendant of being involved in another robbery a couple of days after the dollar store robbery, this one at a gas station convenience store on Montclair Road. The fact that three of the robberies occurred on the same block seems to be of aid to police in determining who they believed to be responsible. Police have said they are seeking a warrant in connection with this fourth robbery, but it has not been issued as of the time of this article. Continue Reading

Former Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex with Student in Alabama

According to a recent news article from WSFA, a teacher in Alabama was just arrested on two counts of a school employee engaging in sex act with a student under the age of 19. Authorities in Mobile say they received a tip through a link on the sheriff’s office website on August 22, and immediately began an investigation. She was arrested on these sex offense charges the same week they received the tip.

Authorities alleged they received information in the form of copies of text messages between defendant and her 17-year-old student, in which they discussed the fact they were engaged in a sexual relationship. She was working at a private faith-based school the student attended and was 33 years old at the time of the alleged incident. She was arrested and ordered held without bond at the county detention facility until a hearing can be held later in the week to determine if she will be released. Continue Reading

Alleged Shooter of TV Broadcaster and Cameraman Kills Self

In a shocking series of events, television viewers of an early morning newscast in Moneta, Virginia saw the camera drop to the ground and had a brief look at what appeared to be a gun pointed down at him. At this point the news station cut away from the remote segment. Nobody was sure exactly what happened. A few hours later, most people around the country knew what happened.

guncloseup.jpgAccording to CNN, the footage from victim’s camera wasn’t the only footage of what happened. Within hours, two other videos were on the Internet showing a person walking up to the news crew and aiming the gun at them. This footage went viral, despite the fact that these Facebook and Twitter accounts were quickly suspended. Authorities believe the gunman set up the account. Continue Reading

New Gun Laws Take Effect in Alabama

New Gun Laws Take Effect in AlabamaNew gun laws in Alabama are expected to make it much more difficult for people with mental illness to purchase firearms. These new gun laws take effect in the state of Alabama on September 1st. Alabama Governor Bentley signed the bill into law on June 4th.

One of the most significant safeguards of the new gun laws now requires that state probate court judges report every person they commit for involuntary mental health treatment. Under federal law anyone who has been involuntarily committed for treatment for a mental illness can’t purchase a gun.

Previously, the law required reporting only in cases where there was evidence of inappropriate use of weapons or threats of such use. Alabamians who were forced to receive mental health treatment can appeal to have their gun ownership rights reinstated.

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DUI in Alabama FAQs

DUI in Alabama FAQsIf you’ve been charged with a DUI in Alabama, it can be a very stressful, frightening experience. Here is a brief overview of the most frequently asked questions about being arrested for a DUI in Alabama.

If I’m convicted of a DUI, will I go to Jail?

Every court has the right to impose jail time for DUI Convictions, even for the first DUI conviction. Not all individuals convicted of a DUI will be sentenced to jail time, however it is a possibility.

• First Conviction – You may be sentenced to up to one year in a county or municipal jail, there is no minimum mandatory jail sentence.

• Second Conviction – If you are convicted of a DUI for a second time you will have to serve a minimum of 48 consecutive hours in jail, up to one year in jail, or not less than 20 days of community service.

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Birmingham Police Arrest Suspect for Alleged Assault on Detective

There are few crimes police take more seriously than assault on a police officer. However, we are not talking about a typical assault on a police officer charge, where an officer is hit by a suspect while trying to place handcuffs. Rather, we are talking about a deliberate and violent attack on a police officer.

According to a recent news report from WBRC, Birmingham police have confirmed the identification of a suspect and arrested him on a charge of attempted murder of a police officer.

In this case, the alleged victim was a Birmingham police detective. Continue Reading

Authorities Arrest Three in Alabama Home Invasion

Breaking into and entering another person’s home when the dwelling is occupied is legally considered a far more serious crime under the law than illegal entry when no one is home. Suspect may be just as surprised as the resident to find someone inside, but it doesn’t matter the intention. If someone is present, the potential charges is increased from a “burglary of a dwelling” to a “home invasion,” a much more serious offense.

In Alabama, a home invasion is legally referred to as “first-degree burglary.”

door1-300x199.jpgAccording to a recent news article from, authorities arrested three suspects in connection with an alleged home invasion in Etowah County, Alabama. The suspects are a 41-year-old man, his 39-year-old wife, and a 41-year-old female. They are all being held in the county detention center without bond. Continue Reading

Alabama Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex with Student

There is a societal stigma associated with any arrest. However, those associated with sex crimes are much more difficult to overcome.

Once a person is accused of rape or possession of child pornography, it becomes very difficult to lead a normal life and interact with others in the community, even when one is never actually convicted of a crime.

desperation.jpgAccording to a recent news article from the Daily Mail, a high school teacher in Tuscaloosa was recently arrested for having sexual conduct with a student. His arrest occurred after photos were posted online depicting suspect and a recently-graduated female student, according to authorities.

These pictures allegedly showed a graphic depiction of suspect and the underage student in a sexual relationship. It is believed complaining witness was a student at the time these pictures were taken, which was more than one year ago. Continue Reading